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My first novel, “Through my Eyes. Again.”, is part of a number of promotions though Bookfunnel. It would really help me if you’d follow one or all of the links below as this will help me to get into larger and better promotions that will put my book in front of a wider audience.

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Mrs Henderson’s Limp

This is an upcoming short story – due late January 2021

In the later chapters of Through my Eyes.Again, Will meets an unnamed, manipulative and emotionless woman with a limp who works for MI6 in the UK. She reappears early in the sequel (Through different Eyes – release in 2022) and is named as Mrs Henderson. A remark made to Will in Through my Eyes. Again. suggests that Mrs Henderson’s experiences during the second World War had ‘cauterised her humanity’. I am working on a short story that tells that part of Mrs Henderson’s back story. The short story will be available though my web site – watch this space for availability.

Taking TMEA to a wider audience

As the release date of Through my Eyes. Again. approaches, I am part of several cooperative efforts by authors to promote their books to a wider audience. You know about TMEA but the other authors’ readers don’t – and probably you don’t know about their books. So this is a way for all the authors involved in the promotion to bring their books in front of new readers.

Through my Eyes. Again. has several twists that I hope are unpredictable and enjoyable. TMEA also crosses quite a few genres. If you press the buttons below, you will be able to look at quite a few books, all with unpredictable twists and multi-genre books as well.

Through my Eyes. Again.

My first novel, Through my Eyes. Again. has been published and will be released on 24th March, 2021.



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Will Johnstone’s seventy-year-old consciousness finds itself back in his twelve-year-old body as it is about to suicide – an event he remembers differently. His ‘old brain’ pulls back from the act and resumes his much younger self’s troubled life. It is soon apparent that there are yet more subtle differences between the world he remembers and the one he now finds himself in – and these differences accumulate. Through his friendship with Col, Will finds himself caught up in events at the edge of a different Cold War.

This story contains some physical child abuse and suicide ideation.