Unholy Warrior
by Rebeka Jȁger

Perhaps not such an unholy warrior?

Rebeka Jager has created a strong but human warrior in Rebane. While there is much violence, it is not gratuitous, serving to reveal aspects of Rebane’s character as she moves from warrior to a place where another’s life is more important than her own. Her physical journey mirrors the spiritual one, illuminated by the traditional beliefs and natural deities of the wilderness, even a wilderness riddled with nuclear fallout and populated by radioactive wolves.

The story is fast paced and the detail is well researched. I would have liked to better understand the motivations of Rebane’s nemesis, but this is a minor quibble in a well told and engrossing read.

I rate this a 5 star (*****) read!

Books for you to explore

My first novel, “Through my Eyes. Again.”, is part of a number of promotions though Bookfunnel. It would really help me if you’d follow one or all of the links below as this will help me to get into larger and better promotions that will put my book in front of a wider audience.

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Mrs Henderson’s Limp

This is an upcoming short story – due late January 2021

In the later chapters of Through my Eyes.Again, Will meets an unnamed, manipulative and emotionless woman with a limp who works for MI6 in the UK. She reappears early in the sequel (Through different Eyes – release in 2022) and is named as Mrs Henderson. A remark made to Will in Through my Eyes. Again. suggests that Mrs Henderson’s experiences during the second World War had ‘cauterised her humanity’. I am working on a short story that tells that part of Mrs Henderson’s back story. The short story will be available though my web site – watch this space for availability.

The Enigma Game – Elizabeth Wein

This is part of the Code name Verity cycle. I have read and loved Code Name Verity and Rose under Fire. As a pilot, there are segments in both of these books that speak brilliantly to me of the wonder of flight.

The Enigma Game, is set in England and Scotland during 1940/41. Louisa Adair has lost her Jamaican mother and English father and is cast loose. She takes a job looking after an ageing opera singer in a pub near Windyedge, a coastal RAF airfield in Scotland, but is the old lady English or German?

The story intertwines the lives of the crews of a flight of Blenheim bombers stationed at the airfield, with Louisa and her elderly charge together with the story of the Enigma coding machine, eventually cracked by Alan Turing and others at Bletchley Park.

The characters are well rounded and their motivations are believable, following from who they are and what is happening around them. Wein has wound diversity into this story in an interesting and illuminating way. Louisa’s mixed race causes the expected reactions from people 80 years ago – until they look more than skin deep. This is set against another character – from a tinker family – who is able to ‘hide in plain sight’ as she is white. Her memories of the discrimination against her before she was able to hide in the anonymity of a uniform are an interesting contrast to the discrimination Louisa feels every day.

The Enigma Game is a good read – perhaps lacking some of the searing emotions of Code Name Verity, but still a great read and one that tackles the issue of discrimination in a various guises very well.

The cats in my life

My mother was a cat lover so I grew up in a house with one or more cats. She particularly liked ginger cats – and I inherited that gene. I have shared my life with many cats – always including at least one ginger cat.

The current cats in my life are Hypatia (on the left) and Eratosthenes (on the right). As with most ginger cats, they a both boys. Now, I know that Hypatia (who worked at the Great Library of Alexandria about 400 CE) was female and I had been saving up the name for a fluffy ginger female cat (a rarity, but I lived in hope).

When Hypatia arrived as a kitten, he was actually represented to me as a she, hence Hypatia. It was only after a few days that I came to suspect (confirmed by the vet) that she was actually a he, but the name stuck.

What’s in a name?

All my ginger cats over the years have been named after scientists, so there’s been Isaac (Newton), (Stephen) Hawking, (Albert) Einstein, Francis (Bacon), Copernicus and two Archimedes (the most recent one only departed from my life last year, aged almost 20 years old). Along the way there have also been several of tabby cats (Holly and Aqua), a coal black cat (Induna – from Rider Haggards books I read as a child), a fluffy grey (Greymalkin – from The Midnight Folk which I read as a child, not Macbeth) and a British Blue (at least that’s what he looked like, but he had no pedigree) called Bernie (shortened from Daniel Bernoulli – the mathematician/physicist who came up with Bernoulli’s equation, so important in fluid mechanics).

The Star Cat series

By Andrew Mackay

Space opera with ginger cats!

I’ve been furiously promoting my first novel (well trying to get it out there🙃) and came across the Star Cat series. Space opera with cats (particularly GINGER cats – irresistible – and so far (after the teaser and into book 1) I’m loving it. The complete series can be bought on Amazon.

I’ll post more when I’ve finished the first book in the series.

Taking TMEA to a wider audience

As the release date of Through my Eyes. Again. approaches, I am part of several cooperative efforts by authors to promote their books to a wider audience. You know about TMEA but the other authors’ readers don’t – and probably you don’t know about their books. So this is a way for all the authors involved in the promotion to bring their books in front of new readers.

Through my Eyes. Again. has several twists that I hope are unpredictable and enjoyable. TMEA also crosses quite a few genres. If you press the buttons below, you will be able to look at quite a few books, all with unpredictable twists and multi-genre books as well.

Through my Eyes. Again.

My first novel, Through my Eyes. Again. has been published and will be released on 24th March, 2021.



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to TMEA release

Watch this space for more information…

Will Johnstone’s seventy-year-old consciousness finds itself back in his twelve-year-old body as it is about to suicide – an event he remembers differently. His ‘old brain’ pulls back from the act and resumes his much younger self’s troubled life. It is soon apparent that there are yet more subtle differences between the world he remembers and the one he now finds himself in – and these differences accumulate. Through his friendship with Col, Will finds himself caught up in events at the edge of a different Cold War.

This story contains some physical child abuse and suicide ideation.