Unholy Warrior
by Rebeka Jȁger

Perhaps not such an unholy warrior?

Rebeka Jager has created a strong but human warrior in Rebane. While there is much violence, it is not gratuitous, serving to reveal aspects of Rebane’s character as she moves from warrior to a place where another’s life is more important than her own. Her physical journey mirrors the spiritual one, illuminated by the traditional beliefs and natural deities of the wilderness, even a wilderness riddled with nuclear fallout and populated by radioactive wolves.

The story is fast paced and the detail is well researched. I would have liked to better understand the motivations of Rebane’s nemesis, but this is a minor quibble in a well told and engrossing read.

I rate this a 5 star (*****) read!

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Robert Hart - author

I write and fly gliders

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